Pipeline Operators Ask FERC to Protect Financing of Pipeline Construction from New Threat

October 16, 2013

Press Release

October 16, 2013- WASHINGTON, DC – On Tuesday, the Association of Oil Pipe Lines (AOPL) asked the U.S. Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission (FERC) to protect the basis of much needed pipeline infrastructure financing against an
administrative law judge (ALJ) ruling that would gut FERC’s previous orders. FERC has the final say after
reviewing the ALJ opinion and AOPL members urge FERC to respond in support of new pipeline infrastructure.

Andy Black, President and CEO of AOPL, stated: “FERC acted before to protect the ability of pipeline
project sponsors to finance their new projects and we urge them to do so again in the name of delivering access to
competitive energy supplies that are currently lower priced.”