The Public Has a Roll to Play in Pipeline Safety

All pipelines are marked with guide posts showing where they are below ground.

Members of the public can help keep an eye on things, making sure no one mistakenly or intentionally digs in the area of a pipeline without checking its exact location first.

Smell Something or See Something?

Pipeline leaks are rare but they can happen. If you see or smell something that looks or smells like oil or gasoline, please report it to the authorities. Pipeline operators are happy to come out and check and make sure everything is ok, or respond with the proper resources to fix the problem.

Building a FenceCall Before You Dig – Call 811

Pipeline operators want the public to stay safe, and the public can help by calling 811 before digging in the ground. Even it its something as simple as installing a new deck or planting a tree, the national 811 program requires any pipelines in the area to mark their pipeline routes free of charge. You just call before your project, the pipeline company will come out and mark the area for free within 2-3 days, and you can go ahead with work certain that you will be safe.