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Pipeline operators through the API-AOPL Emergency Response Work Group (ERWG) are joining forces to improve pipeline operator and first responder emergency response capabilities.   A Summary of Industry Improvement Efforts   >

First Responder Training Program

The ERWG works with key emergency response organizations to develop training programs, including an online training program free of charge to first responders. The Pipeline Emergency Training Portal program provides first responders access to information about what to expect in a pipeline emergency and how to respond effectively.   Access the Pipeline Emergency Training Portal   >

Joint Exercises & Drills

The ERWG provides opportunities to first responders and pipeline operators to participate in joint exercises and drills that test emergency response plans and build better working relationships.

Pipeline Emergency Response Forum

The ERWG hosts regular Pipeline Emergency Response Forums coinciding with major first responder conferences or conventions. The Forums bring together pipeline operators, emergency responders and regulatory agencies to share learnings from past emergencies and to discuss ways to enhance emergency response preparedness and cooperation.

Emergency Response Advisory Board

Twice a year, the ERWG convenes the Emergency Response Advisory Board with representatives from emergency response advocacy organizations and regulatory agencies to provide knowledgeable counsel to pipeline operators on improving pipeline emergency response capabilities.

Guidelines & Best Practices

The ERWG develops industry-wide guidelines and best practices to provide pipeline operators with the tools needed to meet the expectations of our stakeholders for an effective response to a pipeline incident.