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API RP 1774 Pipeline Emergency Preparedness and Response

This Recommend Practice (RP) is for onshore hazardous liquid pipeline operators, with the intent to align industry, government, and emergency response organizations’ expectations practices, and competencies and to promote safe, timely, and e ective response to incidents. The goal of this document is to provide operators with an enhanced framework to enable continual improvement of pipeline emergency response.

Pipeline Operator Emergency Response Toolkit

The API-AOPL Emergency Response Work Group (ERWG) has developed a range of materials and tools to support pipeline operator engagement with first responders. The pipeline industry has teamed up with the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) to offer a pipeline emergencies training opportunity free to first responders. Materials below describe that training and provide tools for encouraging local first responder participation. Additional tools help describe the activities of the ERWG and basic pipeline operations, both useful for sharing with public stakeholders.

Pipeline Operator ER Toolkit Materials: