Commitment & Training Materials

Commitment to Landowners

Download the AOPL-API Liquids Pipeline Owner and Operator Commitment to Landowners. Our Commitment to Landowners reflects how we will treat landowners fairly, openly and with respect. We will negotiate with landowners in good faith, be responsive to their questions and concerns and consistent in upholding our commitments to them.

Landowner Commitment Core Training Presentation

Download a copy of the AOPL-API Landowner Commitment Core Training presentation. These materials provide pipeline operator employees and representatives training on the ways we expect them to engage with landowners when discussing a new liquids pipeline project.

Landowner Commitment Core Training Video

Access a video presenting the AOPL-API Landowner Commitment Core Training materials. The video provides an electronic way to access the core training when hard copy materials are unavailable.

Commitment to Landowners Flyer

Download a convenient one page flyer on the Commitment to Landowners, supporting materials and their internet address location you can share with employees and stakeholders.