Community Engagement


Pipeline operators are committed to engaging with the community. Our pipelines serve communities with fuel for cars and trucks, good jobs and the building blocks for everyday consumer goods. Our pipeline company personnel live, work and play in the community. We want to be good neighbors in the community. We know that communicating with the public and stakeholders who value safety, from advocates to the government, is vital to improving safety. Communication with Stakeholders is a core industry-wide value and each year we report publicly on our safety and performance record.

Landowner Relations

Pipeline companies considering a new liquids pipeline project are committed to treating landowners fairly, openly and with respect. To reflect this commitment, we are training our employees and representatives interacting with the public to negotiate with landowners in good faith, be responsive to their questions and concerns and consistent in upholding our commitments to them.


Native American Relations

The liquids pipeline industry is growing our conversation with Native American communities. In 2017, we formed an industry-wide Tribal Affairs Team with the mission of encouraging and supporting improved outreach and engagement between the liquids pipeline industry and American Indian tribes and Alaska Native entities.