Pipelines Contribute to a Better Community

Getting Around Depends on Pipelines

You use your car, minivan or truck to lead your life: driving to work, sports practice or the supermarket. The gasoline or diesel you put in your tank at the gas station traveled through a pipeline at some point. Pipelines deliver crude oil to refineries, and then refined gasoline or diesel to your local area. That tanker truck at the gas station is just the last leg in a long trip that includes pipelines and keeps you going.

Pipelines Provide Jobs that Support Communities

Pipeline jobs are good-paying jobs with wages and benefits that will support a family. Building a major pipeline can create over 40,000 jobs paying over $2 billion in payroll. Jobs needed to build a pipeline aren’t just in construction, they create positions in manufacturing, professional services, finance & insurance, and healthcare.

Pipelines Can Help Keep Gas Prices Stable

International crude oil suppliers can be gripped in turmoil at any time. Pipelines connect American consumers to safe North American supplies. With new production across the U.S. and Canada, pipelines deliver additional supplies that can drive prices down or shield Americans from higher prices overseas.

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