Pipelines Supply Refinery Jobs



  • Pipelines deliver the raw crude oil that refineries manufacture into gasoline, diesel fuel and petroleum products. Pipelines take away the refined products and deliver them across the country, eventually to a local gas station or airport near you.
  • Pipeline fed refineries are also the first step in a petrochemical manufacturing chain that provides us with many of the products we use every day from plastics to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nylon, rubber, paints, pipes and adhesives.
  • Over 140 refineries across the country directly employ about 300,000 American workers and indirectly support nearly 2 million American jobs.
  • Pipeline supplied refineries are a great source of good-paying jobs. The average hourly wage of a refinery worker is nearly 50 percent higher than the national average, and the average salary in the petrochemical industry is over $100,000.