New Pipeline Construction Creates Tens of Thousands of Jobs

  • Experts predict $46 billion in oil and natural gas liquid infrastructure investment over the next 25 years averaging 1,300 miles of new pipeline constructed each year.
  • A single major pipeline construction project is estimated to employ nearly 7,000 construction workers and provide workers and their families over $300 million in salary and benefits.
  • Over 500 workers are needed to construct each 100 mile section of pipeline. Pipelines also need pumping stations constructed every 50 miles. Heavy equipment operators, laborers, welders, Teamsters, foremen, engineers and quality control personnel are all needed to construct a pipeline.

Labor supports major pipeline construction:
“The Laborer’s International Union of America (LIUNA) strongly supports the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline…This pipeline will
create millions of hours of work for the members of our unions, with good wages and benefits. For many of the 
Laborers, this projects is not just a pipeline; it is in fact a life-line. The construction sector has been particularly hit hard by the economic recession. The unemployment rate in the construction industry reached over 27% in 2010, and joblessness in construction remains far higher than any industry or sector, with over 1 million construction workers currently unemployed in the United States. Too many hard-working Americans are out of work, and the Keystone XL pipeline will change that dire situation for thousands of them.
David Mallino, LIUNA, before the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee, April 10, 2013