Member Committees

AOPL and API member committees address the pipeline safety performance, legal, accounting and government relations needs of operators. Through these committees, members receive the benefits of their collective efforts and AOPL and API staff support.


Accounting Committee
Pipeline accounting personnel who address topical accounting issues. The accounting committee has developed and continually contributes to the accounting guideline, which is intended to serve as a resource for Form 6 submissions. The Committee also plans and helps present a Form 6 training workshop each year to educate personal on Form 6 submissions.
Contact: Steve Kramer at


Cybernetics Group
Pipeline control system managers sharing advances and lessons learned on leak detection technology and pipeline control systems
Contact: Stuart Saulters at

Liquid Pipeline Rupture Recognition & Response Document – August 2014


Emergency Response Team
An API/AOPL Leadership Team of pipeline emergency response managers and personnel implementing efforts to improve hazardous liquids pipeline emergency communications, planning, preparedness and response
Contact: Karen Simon at or John Stoody at

API/AOPL Emergency Response Team Flyer and Further Information


FERC Relations Committee
Pipeline executives who develop strategies to address FERC issues relevant to the industry.
Contact: Steve Kramer at


Government Relations Committee
Pipeline government relations personnel primarily, as well as executives and managers, who wish to receive regular updates on Congressional and federal agency actions related to pipelines, and develop industry-wide positions on federal pipeline legislative issues as they arise
Contact: John Stoody at


API/AOPL Leadership Teams
Pipeline managers and subject matter experts pursuing targeted initiatives to improve safety priorities, such as emergency response capabilities and research and development
Contact: Stuart Saulters at


Legal Committee
Pipeline legal personnel who discuss and communicate legal matters affecting the industry.  The committee also reviews legal and regulatory filings prepared by or on behalf of AOPL.
Contact: Steve Kramer at


Operations & Technical Group
Pipeline operations and engineering managers developing industry-wide recommended practices for pipelines
Contact: Stuart Saulters at


Operator Qualifications Work Group
Pipeline managers ensuring operator qualification practices meet requirements and contribute to safe operations and operating culture
Contact: Stuart Saulters at


Performance Excellence Team
Pipeline operator senior managers sharing safety improvement techniques and advancing data management, safety culture and damage prevention initiatives
Contact: Stuart Saulters at


Pipeline Integrity Work Group
Pipeline integrity managers developing industry-wide recommended pipeline integrity practices
Contact: Stuart Saulters at


Pipeline Safety Excellence Steering Committee
Pipeline operator executives guiding and ensuring safety achievement. A main function of the PSE SC is to unsure implementation of the industry-wide strategic initiatives to improve pipeline safety performance.
Contact: John Stoody at

2014 Annual Liquids Pipeline Safety Performance Report and Strategic Plan 


Public Awareness Group
Pipeline community outreach managers improving programs to raise public awareness of local pipelines and “811 – Call Before You Dig” programs
Contact: Karen Simon at


Tariff Committee
Pipeline tariff personnel who respond to tariff and related regulatory issues.
Contact: Steve Kramer at


  • Sharing Inspection Data S Pipeline operators work together on joint initiatives to improve pipeline safety performance