Pipelines Benefit Consumers

Pipelines are creating thousands of good-paying jobs all across America in construction, manufacturing, professional and service industries.

  • Pipelines are delivering new U.S. crude oil production supplies that can help drive prices down. Consumers benefit when they can get lower priced gasoline. Families can stretch tight budgets further when gas prices are lower. Workers benefit when commutes areĀ cheaper, and employers hire more workers when major costs like fuel are lower.
  • Pipelines supply the raw material to make consumer goods we use every day. Plastic water bottles, medicine, cosmetics, paint, even clothing gets its start as ethane, propane or butane byproducts from energy production. Pipelines gather and transport these raw materials to manufacturers who turn them into finished consumer products.
  • Many homes across America depend upon pipeline so deliver fuel to heat their homes. Across the country, propane pipelines deliver rural communities the heating many use to get through the winter. In the Northeast, pipelines deliver home heating oil to ward away the cold.